Corey is the founder and creative director of Corey Rineair Design, originally established in 2012. After leading the Interiors Studio at Plume Interiors + Light, a firm focused on the cross-pollination between Interiors + Lighting she is reintroducing her studio and expanding to include a development sector to her portfolio.

Her deep appreciation and connection to design and architecture began at an early age. Her father’s work as an Architectural Photographer gave Corey a unique perspective and helped shape her understanding of form and function. Today, her innate knack for timeless design allows her bold and innovative style to transform interiors into beautiful, experiential spaces. A signature style described as ‘edgy sophistication.’

Each project is uniquely designed to elevate the user experience and create an environment awash with thoughtful details that go beyond your average interior. She is passionate about creating depth and meaning to her designs by establishing deeply rooted storylines behind each material, fixture, fabric selection and bespoke furniture piece.

Her work has been featured or referenced in numerous print and online publications; Boutique Design Magazine, Drapper James Blog | Reese Witherspoon, Travel + Leisure, Vogue and Cincinnati Enquirer to name a few.